Gardening Adventures with Sarah

What a Beautiful day!

Welcome to Gardening Adventures with Sarah (that’s Me)! I love to garden all Spring and Summer long! It’s my favorite thing in the whole entire world! I love germinating seeds, getting my hands in the dirt, watching flowers bloom and vegetables grow. I can’t wait to start planting in my vegetable garden. This year I made it even bigger than it was from last year. I’m going to plant tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn (My first year growing it), zucchini and maybe strawberries.

In my flower garden I plant Bachelor Buttons, Four O’clocks (that have come up for the past 4 years on their own), Marigolds and Forget Me Nots.

Below the hanging pots is where the Four O’clocks and Bachelor Buttons come up!

In pots and hanging baskets I plant Zonal Geraniums, Ahola Kona Hot Pink Calibrachoa,  Bahia Lavender Blue Bacopa and Impatiens. I can’t wait until everything takes off and is in full bloom!

Now for the pictures!

Zonal Geranium Dark Red
Aloha Kona Hot Pink Calibrachoa
Bahia Lavender Blue Bacopa

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Gardening!


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