Gardening Adventures with Sarah



I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend! I have been busy this weekend getting my vegetable garden ready. One day I was looking up how to prevent weeds in your garden and I came across that you can put newspaper down. It will smother the weeds. So that’s exactly what I did I put a thick layer of newspaper on the dirt after I took out most of the weeds and watered the paper to keep it in place. Then I covered all the newspaper with dirt. I really hope this method works. Time will tell. I will start planting all my plants in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait!

Let me show you what I did!

This is my vegetable garden
This is my vegetable garden
I put down newspaper
I watered the newspaper so it would stay put
Then I covered it with a layer of dirt

It took me a long time to finish the rest of the garden. I hope that it’s worth it!

I also transplanted cherry tomatoes that I started inside from a seed into a big pot. I’m trying container gardening this year with the cherry tomatoes and keeping them on the the deck because one year a chipmunk kept running away with them!

Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato

Here are some pictures of my Tulips and Daffodils!



Happy Gardening! If you like my blog please follow me! Thank you so much for stopping by!



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