Ohuhu 50 Feet Garden Hose Review



I’m going to be reviewing the Ohuhu 50 Feet Garden Hose that I received in exchange for an honest review.

This garden hose starts out at 17ft and expands to 50ft with water pressure. When you are done with the hose and let the water out it goes back to 17ft. It’s made out of high pressure-resistance durable latex. What’s great about this hose is that it never gets tangled and it’s very easy to store. The nozzle has 9 adjustable patterns which is awesome!

Below are the 9 spray patterns!

519e65fa290b586532428a8e7ef4780241ae9e46 712488953d40cc672ed4fa6bf23e466ce0e6adb2Ohuhu 50 feet garden hose is perfect. What I love most about this nozzle is that it has 9 adjustable spray patterns. I can gently water flowers and then I can wash my car. I also like how easy it is to put away. It doesn’t get tangled. I recommend this to everyone!

To purchase your very own Ohuhu 50 Feet Garden Hose click the link below!


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