Ohuhu Wave Style Lever/Door Knob Review


I’m going to be reviewing the Ohuhu Wave Style Lever/Door Knob that I received in exchange for an honest review.


This door lever has an antique brass/oil-rubbed bronze finish. This door lever is metal and does not have a lock. It’s very easy to install and fits 1.3″2.1″ doors. It will fit in with your decor. It comes with all the parts for installation. It comes with 4 nails, 2 knobs with 2 screws, 1 latch, 1 strike, 1 box strike and instructions.

One of my door knobs was not turning properly and we were afraid that we would get locked out. I replaced the old door knob with this one and it has made a big difference. I love the style of this door lever and it’s so easy to just press down to opens and close. It’s very durable and the bronze finish is very nice. I am very happy with this door lever and it looks very nice with my decor.

To purchase Ohuhu Wave Style/Lever Door Knob click the link below!


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