Jade Vitality Microfiber Towel Review

Hello Everyone!


I’m going to be reviewing the Jade Vitality Microfiber Towel that I received in exchange for an honest review.


This towel is 50 x 28 inches! It’s lightweight and comes with a mesh carry bag. It’s easy to roll back up and put it back in the carry bag. This towel is great for the gym, beach, bath, camping and hiking. It’s really a versatile towel! It can fit in a backbpack or suitcase without taking up much room. This towel dries very quickly and is super absorbent. It is made from ultra-fine microfibers. This towel has more surface area for absorption and evaporation than the regular cotton towel that you might use.What’s great about this towel is that the suede-like microfiber fabric is antibacterial which helps with odor and germs. The towel has a hanging loop which makes it easy to hang up anywhere. It’s great for a bunch of actives such as running, swimming, yoga, camping, hiking, beach outings, tennis, golf and much more!

This towel is perfect. It’s so soft! It’s quick drying and very absorbent. I like that it comes with it’s own carry bag. The hanging loop is a great feature and very convenient. You can bring this towel anywhere!

To purchase your very own Jade Vitality Microfiber Towel click the link below!


Thank you so much for stopping by!



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