Baby Bandana Drool Teething Bibs 4-pack by Pashoshi Baby Review

Hi There!

IMG_20160121_125513I’m going to be reviewing the Baby Bandana Drool Teething Bibs 4-pack that I received in exchange for an honest review.


These baby bandana bibs are so cute! The are made with absorbent polyester fleece which helps to protect your baby from developing dribble rash. These bibs will also keep them dry. These bibs have snaps that are adjustable. Newborns can also wear the bibs along with 1-24 month olds.These are great if you have a boy or a girl! They are very stylish and the front is made with 100% organic cotton.


These are machine washable and will not lose their shape and will still look brand new!

This set also comes with a pacifier clip and a bottle strap!


The bandana bibs are so adorable. I love the designs and that it comes with a bottle strap and a pacifier holder. They are so soft and very well made.

To purchase your very own Baby Bandana Bibs click the link below!

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