Purifyou Premium Reusable Produce Bags Review

Hi There!


I’m going to be reviewing the Purifyou Premium Reusable Produce Bags that I received in exchange for an honest review.

IMG_20160323_145244This set comes in with 9 produce bags with 3 different sizes. They have pastel color coded tags. There are two 12x 17in, Five 12x 14in and Two 12×18 in. They are made of mesh polyester. These are great for a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can also use these as storage bags at home for your kids toys, gym clothes, lunches, road trips and so much more. These bags are convenient. Just bring them to the store and you won’t have to use those annoying plastic bags anymore. Once you come home with all your delicious fruits and vegetables just put the  bag in your refrigerator. The fabric is breathable and will extend the life of your produce. They are eco-friendly and machine washable!



I am all about eco-friendly. These bags are perfect. I love that they come with 3 different sizes and have 9 reusable bags. They are great for when I go food shopping and get vegetables and fruits. They are high quality and durable and will last a very long time.

To purchase your very own Purifyou Premium Reusable Produce Bags click the link below!


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