Wonder Soil Review



I’m going to be reviewing the Wonder Soil that I received in exchange for an honest review.


This soil is made of coconut fiber, wormcastings, mycorrhizae, water saving polymers, azomite, kelp, biosol and gypsum.

Coconut Coir Fiber is a renewable resource. It increases water and nutrient retention, promotes drainage and aeration while inhibiting pests, weeds and diseases.

Worm Castings stimulate plant growth and reduce soil erosion and compaction. It is a natural form of released plant food that reduces toxins from the soil to keep plants healthy. The roots will increase significantly resulting in healthier plants that require less water.

Water Saving Polymers absorb, store and deliver water and nutrients on a consistent level.

Mycorrhizae Fungi increase the root system by adding to its mass and efficiency. It also improves water usage.

Kelp promotes better seed germination and mineral uptake. Helps develop more extensive root systems.

Humate is rich in trace minerals which enable plants to extract nutrients from the soil.


The benefits of using this are that you will have
-Faster germination when planting seeds
-It expands instantly up to 7x it’s original size
– 50% less watering
-Your plants will have stronger and longer root systems
-When you order this soil it ships dry.


Just one sheet and look at all that soil!

When you order the Wonder Soil’s Organic Soil you will get 4 sheets which is 5lbs altogether. They are 1 ¼ cu ft when hydrated.

I love to garden. I like that this soil is organic and that one sheet will expand up to 7 times once water is added. It was easy to prepare the soil. All you have to do is add water and it expands. I thought it would take longer to finally turn into to soil but it was quick once I added the water. It’s way better than the potting soil in a bag. I used this soil for my indoor and outdoor plants. I know that my plants will be healthy and strong!

Visit the links below

Here is a discount code that you can use. It’s for 10% off any Wonder Soil items. The discount code can be entered right before payment is finalized.

The discount code is: WSSC




Thank you so much for stopping by!

Happy Gardening!



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